Grace & Gratitude

Have you seen these people?  This is Grace & Gratitude.  You may have seen them at some older relative’s home. The funny thing is, they’re not who you think.  HE is Grace, SHE is Gratitude.  Growing up in a Christian bookstore family, I think I`ve always known this strange little factoid.
Why am I thinking about Grace & Gratitude?  Pretty simply, because I’m thankful.
Each year I have a word that hits me like a big old bag of green Costa Rican coffee beans (all 152 lbs!).
Last year it was two: “Wisdom”, and “Grace”.
What is it this year?
It’s “Gratitude”.
I’m grateful, for what Jeff & I have been blessed with in the last couple years.  This last year, especially, makes me grateful for everything our beautiful life has entailed. New friends, new experiences, and most of all, the way our community, in Monroe and online, has embraced our little coffee company.   We’ve seen some amazing growth thanks to you all. I’m in the store six days a week, and Jeff has been firing up our roaster nearly every day, thanks to all of you, and your insatiable need for the bean!

Maybe I should really say that I’m grateful for everything God has blessed us with, period.  Because sometimes the “blessings” aren’t all that fluffy and coffee-scented.  Sometimes they suck.  Sometimes the things in our life smell more like the result of a good cup of coffee, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes it’s just the lesson we’re in.
If that’s you right now, please hang in there.  The One who made you knows what you’re feeling, and cares where you’re going.
I make no pithy promises.  But I do promise you a “hug in a cup”.

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