The Road To Redemption

My name is Jeffrey Mark Rousey, aka “Pilot”, Founder and Master Roaster of Original Pilot House Coffee‘s in Monroe, WA.

As roasters of artisan coffee, we believe in cutting edge innovation. Every single day, I am challenged and I challenge my staff to bring something new and amazing to the table. The benefactors of these challenges are the people in our community and our everyday customers who purchase our artisan roasted beans.

We bring in amazing beans from all over the world. We spend hours upon hours profiling each and every bean. Knowing the full potential and pushing the limits of each bean profile is my unique skillset.

Our coffee company began in 2009 under extraordinary circumstances. In 2013, I left prison where I had spent nearly 28 years. Forming a corporation while still in prison is not a task for the faint of heart. It requires a level of resilience and boldness most never dare to achieve. Determination and drive is the backbone of this company.

The life change that has taken place within me is evident in my everyday zest for life. I cannot change the past. However, I have changed every facet of my life. I love the man that I have become, and I love the life that I get to live. Redemption is real.  Read my story here.

My redemption story though is far from over.