About Us

Original Pilot House Coffees (OPHC) prides its success, in part, by insisting that the only beans purchased for our company fall under the Certified Fair Trade Umbrella.  We only deal in Organically Grown and Fair Traded coffees.

Our beans origins range from Ethiopia, Guatemala, the Indonesia island of Sumatra, Java, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Brazil, Columbia, and Oaxaca, Mexico.  Our prized Costa Rican coffee beans have a much-respected reputation.  Organically grown in rich volcanic soil at 3800′ and drenched in warm tropical rain, our beans are similar to the Kona beans of Hawaii.

Profiling single-origin and blended beans is what we do.  We hand craft smooth, silky, memorable coffee beans for the home connoisseur, espresso cafes, restaurants, and businesses who want to serve the best to their customers.

Creating custom labels, custom roasts, and custom blends, is what we do.  We want to create something unique and amazing for your company that you can put your name on.

If you’re interested in having your own custom coffee created please call us at 360-913-2760 to get started.

Visit our retail outlet and cafe at Christian Armory Bookstore in 408 W. Main St. Monroe, WA.


The Owners: Jeff “Pilot” & Heather Rousey

Original Pilot House Coffees was established in 2010 by Jeff “Pilot” Rousey as a way to combine his love for all things coffee with a real way to help small farmers maintain ethical and organic growth practices around the world. The Costa Rican bean was chosen because of its similarity to the Kona bean (volcanic soul, similar climate) without all the fuss and expense. Try it, we are confident you’ll love it.


OPHC in the news

Thanks to Jessica at Live The SnoCo Life magazine for her feature article on Jeff.  Read it here:

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