About Us

Original Pilot House Coffees (OPHC) was founded in 2010 by Jeff Rousey and joined shortly thereafter by me. Together we grew it into the amazing place it is today. What began as an online business is now a cozy gathering spot in the Christian Armory bookstore. 

The heart of OPHC is in the coffee service up front, where I get to meet with our wonderful community. It has been a real joy to get to know new friends and neighbors over the years, as well as people who’ve heard about us and just drove out to Monroe to check it out.

All OPHC coffee is roasted on-site in the roast house, full of delicious aroma and fresh-roasted beans. For every 1-lb bag you purchase in store, we give you a free cup of coffee, so feel free to stock up on fresh coffee for home. For our online friends, we always throw in a few goodies with your order to say thank you.

If you happen to be around on a Saturday morning, you might be lucky enough to try our amazing cinnamon rolls.

Original Pilot House Coffees,


just like me!

Heather Rousey